How early is too early?

Hello ladies,
I'd like some advice please. I'm about 11 dpo now (was trying to be more relaxed this month!) and AF is due next week. Last week I felt very sick all week and I wondered if this was a good sign? Anyway, at what point will a test pick up a BFP without danger of false negative? I have very mild AF-like cramps today so PMA has taken a dive, but I'm not sure if I can hold out until next week to test. What do you think? This is month 13...


  • It's really a guess hun, I got a very faint BFP line at 12dpo before but some girls get negatives right up to 16dpo!! The sickness could be a good sign, fingers crossed for you hun xx

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  • I read that the earliest is about 12 /13 dpo. But like Huni said - the doctor told my friend that actually tests can still show negative up until 19dpo!
  • when i was 2 weeks late i googled it ALOT and i found lots of BFP's after 2weeks late. The witch got me so i wasnt one of them hahahaha.
    Keep fingers crossed for you hun xx

    gembags x
  • you can't get a false positive, unless you use cheap dip strip tests which i would really strongly advise against using!!!! x
  • Thanks for the replies -really appreciated. I will hold out until AF is due (on the 13th, and this is the 13th month TTC!!).
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