quick question . . .

hey girls, did a test this morning a day before af due, it was negative but just read instructions properly and you are supposed to wee on the quick with the result window facing downwards where as i did it with it facing upwards, would this have affected the result at all? It was a first response test, i know this question may sound a bit thick but i had to ask! Lol x x x x x


  • I don't know about mid stream as I use a cup and then dip it in. When I rang the FR helpline, they said you get the most accurate results from doing it that way (using a cup) as it ensures there is adequate moisture on the tip to get the correct result, which you sometimes don't get if you just hold it in as you do your wee. Hope that helps for the next time you test.
    Good luck! x
  • thank you! I think ill try that way for next time, ill leave it over weekend and if af not arrived ill do one on monday, thanks again! X x x
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