No attempt for the second month running!!!

and I'm very p'ed off!!!
My donor is away for the second month and to be quite honest I'm wondering if he wants to stop as we have been trying for 2 years now.
I have emailed 6 prospective donors in the last couple of weeks and only got a reply from one who was unable to travel to me (understandable but always worth asking if they sound ok).. I have no idea why the others haven't replied but it is making me feel pretty despondent about the whole thing.


  • Oh helen, I am so sorry that you are annoyed! Such a shame that you donor couldn't make it. Thinking of you x
  • Helen

    Im so sorry lovely.

    No wonder your feeling so fed up, they could at least have the common courtesy to reply.

    Why not email them again & say you hadnt received a response so wanted to make sure they received your original email.

    Have you had appt yet? sorry cant remember the date you said.

    Sending you lots of hugs hun. xxxx
  • Awwww that sucks hun. If it's not too rude a question, where do you get the donors?
  • Thanks ladies.I feel a bit more resigned to it now-it doesn't help that I have ov pains this morning!
    Seraphina-I am a member of a site where you post your profile and can view donors profiles to see who might be suitable and you 'speak' to them through the site until you feel happy enough with them to email etc directly.
    Laura-the appointment is on tuesday-I'm not looking forward to it to be honest!
    I might contact them again-just don't want to appear to be too pushy as they do it for free.
  • Wow you're very brave. I'd be terrified that they were psychos! I'd kind of assumed it was a friend you see. What do they get from the arrangement? Please don't think I'm being rude and tell me to shut up if I'm overstepping the mark but I'm curious. You know when a woman donates eggs it's usually because she knows how strong that maternal urge is and wants to help a fellow female... I don't know that men necessarily feel the same but I could be very wrong!!
    I'm just thinking I should send DH as I so want you to get pregnant and maybe that's why these men do it - their women make them!!
    Ask your angels my lovely they always come through for me. Be specific, ask for what you want - I mean don't ask for a donor because that's not all you want...ask to conceive and they will find a way for that to happen for you.
    Loads of baby dust my love
  • Hi Helen

    Lots of luck for Tuesday have you thought about any questions you may want to ask them?

    I know what you mean by feeling pushy, but when did you email them? If you've spoken to them previously on the donor site they might just need a little shove in the right direction or have maybe not checked there emails & missed it.

    Doesnt have to be a pushy email just a quick message to see if they had received your message. Your entitled to do that hun thats the nature of the process. xxx
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