Morning girls,

Well i got AF this morning. I feel ok about it honestly, I am just pleased that i came on as my body has been through so much these last two weeks. I still have a really bad belly infection again so might make an app to se emy doctor and because of that and the fact AF turned up this morning i feel rotten, I don;t feel good at all but I am just pleased something has happened.

So that's 28 day cyc and now a 30 day cyc so i am pleased.

K xxxx


  • At least you're not waiting ages for your af hun, they are good cycles to have after coming off pill. Im sorry int your month though babe, im really hoping you get your BFP at the end of the month! good luck xxxxxx

  • sorry honey, was hoping ur symptoms were meaning something image keep postive and may month 3 will b yr month xxxx

  • Thank you sweetheart Hubby is gutted and was upset this morning bless him but I just feel pleased to have AF. I thought it might be coming as last night my head was killing me and I woke up with an awful head ache.

    I am just pleased that my cycles as you say are pretty good for coming off the pill.

    k XX
  • Thats the thing the symptoms we get before af always give us false hope xxx
  • Hi K-Lou
    I was looking out to see if there was any news from you.
    Sorry to hear your feeling so crap, but pleased that atleast you have pretty regular cycle.

    I still have nothing, CD 34 now and norm has been 28-30 since comming off the pill in January.
    Im going to wait as long as I can before testing again.
  • sorry to hear she got u hun but at least ur out of limbo now. xx
  • Thanks Lilac image

    Mrs Dickson- this could be it for you honey?? i would wait till maybe the weekend if you can and then test again image

    k xx
  • I dont want to get my hopes up - we both want this really bad!
    But I have said I will try and wait untill friday if I can.

    Dont feel as sick today, but have a kind of pins and needle thing in my boobs which feels really funny, but also have some mild lower stomach ache.

    I will kepp you posted.
    Good luck for month number 3 - I may be joining you yet!
  • Thanks honey, well I woke up this morning and still had a high CP and also CM so within seconds I had come on??

    I would say think it could go eitehr way and then whatever happens you will be happy. Do keep us posted though I will have everything crossed for you.

    K xxxxxxxxx
  • Oh hun. Never mind. At least you know where you stand now and can try for July.
    I have a feeling that this is your month.
    Loads of PMA coming your way
  • I keep going to the loo to check as im so sure im not gonna be that lucky.
    If we havent, yes, I will be gutted, but will just get right back on the case - so to speak!
  • Thanks babymonkey I hope it is as wellimage

    K xxx
  • Wow 10 days you poor thing ;-( I really really hope this it is for you imagethat you get that BFP.

    I just want to be at home with a hot water bottle, I have soo much work on as well today oh well at least the sun is shinning image

    k xx
  • Hi K-lou, sorry to hear that, I think July is going to be a lucky month for you x
  • (big hug) sending lots n lots of pma for this cycle.
  • Sorry to hear that honey, but glad to see you so positive image Good luck for July x x
  • Hi K Lou, so sorry to hear about AF starting, our body just play mean tricks on us don't they. I know exactly how you feel though, I started my AF on Sunday so am feeling pretty down at the min but trying to stay postive. My hubby was really down last night because he wants a baby more than anything. The good news is that your cycle seems to be calming down since coming off the pill so you should feel good about that. It can only improve your chances. Do you want some of my chocolate? Normally makes me feel better around this time LOL XXX Maybe we will both be next.......
  • Good luck for July x

  • Hi K-Lou,was thinking about you today! Sorry to hear she found you,but like everyone has said your cycles are pretty regular now so here's for a Bfp next month! xx
  • thank you everybody your all such sweethearts. i have been soo busy at work today not really had a chance to think about it. I will be ok, onwards and upwards so they sayimage

    When it is meant to be for me it will be i am sure.

    Thanks girls Mwah!!!

    k XX
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