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Santa i truely apoligise

My loss has made me see the error of my ways and i understand now that it was wrong to "boycot" u,now if u could please send me a fab 2008 that would be great.....i'd also like a pony a new car (u might not know but i crashed mine!) and a baby
Now my fires firmly off and there's a mince pie,milk and a carrot on the table,so lets forgive and forget and let me on the nice list.



  • well now you have mentioned it... Santa, I'm sorry I implied that MrsClaus did all the work *MrsJules hangs head in shame and sits herself down on the naughty step*

    Will you forgive me too.... all I wanted for Christmas is a January 2008 BFP please?!?! *MrsJules sneaks off naughty step and "bats" her eyelids at Santa*

    Please can you also give lilac her January BFP too please? *encourages lilac to bat her eyelids at Santa too*

  • i'm batting my eyelids and flashing my boobs ppppppllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!
  • ooohhhhhh lilac.... please make sure that Mrs Santa isn't watching you do that :roll: *looks all around for Mrs Santa*

    ..... but if you think it will work...

    *fffffffffffffffffllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaa (.) (.) sssssssssshhhhhhhhh*
  • hahahahhaha you two are hilarious hahahahahhaha definatly brightened my day!!!!!!
  • hahaha you girls are mad.
  • anything to keep from crying at the mo i'm afraid
  • shes back oh yes !!!!!!! guess whos back, back again, jennas back, tell your friends jennas back jennnas back
  • who is jenna, well im jenna but i sure that not who your talking about!!
  • you girls will give poor santa a heart attack lol
    his very shy u know
  • oohhh dear....

    *MrsJules takes lilac by the hand and leads her to the naughty step and instructs her to say...*

    "We are very sorry MrClaus we didn't mean to be rude and scare you, we are just in need of some PMA and some nice good luck for 2008, pretty please"

    *MrsJules hands the lovely MrClaus a nice mince pie with a dollop of brandy cream on top*

    Can we get off the naughty step now? image
  • I think I have finally lost the plot :lol: :roll:

    Off to see if I can find it - probably ran way with my PMA :roll:
  • Am feeling slight responsable as u boycotted santa for me jen!!! Ok mr claus this is the way it is, jenna is totally innocent, she acted in friendship and never meant any harm so please, please give her a january bfp, and while ur there slip me in one too!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx
  • LMAO!!!! Kim and Jenna, much respect to you two chicks. You've been through the biggest crap and yet your sense of humour still shines through. If the rest of us cant get any PMA from that, we all need to be shot!!!!!!!!! Good for you both and hope that you are feeling ok. lots of love, bluebird xxxx
  • If I show Santa my new undies do you think he'll be nice to me in 2008 too? image Heehee!! Not sure that counts as being a good girl though...

    Hey, it's worth a shot!

    (Jenna you are a star) xxxxx
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