How is *MrsJules*?

I know I posted something similar a while ago but just wondered if Stephe or anyone has heard from her recently and if she's well?


  • Hiya PinkToothbrush

    How is your pregnancy treating you? If you look on another website where people are writing diaries (not mentioning any names hehe) you will find a diary that she is writing!

    I have read it and she seems ok x
  • what website honey, i'd like to know how she's doing too. xxx
  • oooooo I think there a bit of confusion here image as we have similar names - I have a diary on *whispers* babyworld on the whole TTC thingy and have been not on here as much as I am trying to take a break for a little while and not focus so much on it all the time.. still trying tho!

    The is another *MrsJules* who was having lots of problems (who like me came here via the YAYW website) who hasn't been on here for a while - I think Steph and some others kept in touch with her offline but don't know how she is getting on as she had not had great test results for either herself or hubby.

    Unfortunately having to go through a similar process myself (I hope it is not in the name :roll: ) and had both CD2 and 21 blood tests done (all normal results) and hubby is booked in for his SA on Friday image

    I also would like to hear how the other Mrs Jules is getting on too if anyone knows.

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