So what do you do ...

When you are not driving yourself nuts with ov spotting and pg symptom spotting?! Thought this might be a bit of off topic relief!

I like to go to the gym, body pump, love films, music and F1
Going to see BonJovi next week and Silverstone GP weekend after can't wait.
Last film we watched was Sweeny Todd and actually really enjoyed it more singing than I thought and not as gorey but it was good! So what did you last see?


  • Last DVD I saw was Sweeney Todd, saw The Incredible Hulk at the cinema. Didn't think I would enjoy it, as last one dragged. But actually thought it was quite good!
    Love reading, tv, cinema. xx
  • oooh socks have fun at the GP - i've been in the past and loved it.
    last film i saw i was I am Legend on dvd last week. i wasn't expecting it to be so gory, thought it was going to be a nice will smith film!!!

    i'm currently trying to think of fun things to do/ places to visit to keep me busy until my first af after mc arrives. got some days out planned!

  • Last film I saw was Saw4 a few days ago at home!! I was chilling in the middle of all my exam revision!! It was excellent!! I have I am legend to watch next when my OH isn't at work!!
  • mrse we watched I am Legend a couple of weeks ago and I was sobbing my heart out when ..., did not see that coming. Never cried so much over a film in my life. Pathetic really. (Just removed the bit that made me cry, did not want to ruin the film for you immense!) Good film though!
  • Last dvd I watched was Stranger than Fiction with Will Ferrel. Totally not what I was expecting (It's not a goofy comedy like his other films) it reminded me a bit of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Anyway, I watch a lot of dvds and get them through lovefilm who are brilliant. The films I've enjoyed most in the last year are:
    Horton Hears a Who (kids film but really, really good)
    Eastern Promises (Bit violent though)
    Little Miss Sunshine
    As for going out, I am going to see a Twenty20 cricket match in a couple of weeks. Not really into going out to bars and pubs anymore - doesn't seem worth it when you have to get a babysitter!
  • Hi girls, ooh, I like these topics!!

    Have seen both Sweeny Todd (BRILLIANT!) and I am Legend (I wasn't a big fan) and I really want to see Saw4 (have seen the other three but DH says he's getting bored of them!!).

    Last film I saw was Heartbreak Kid - quite funny and good for Sunday afternoon viewing. We also watched The Lookout recently - not very good. Tend to watch two or three movies a week!

    Also, I live in a small village with only one pub, one shop, one school and a church! I like going to the local cos it's really chilled and there is always someone we know in there. We never have to make plans. Don't tend to go into town.

    I'm a MASSIVE Leicester Tigers fan and Rugby Union fan in general so it's good the rugby's on at the moment in NZ.

    Plus leisurely walks with my pooch!

    PS - Socks, I live quite near Silverstone - pop over for a cup of tea!!!!!!!!


  • Socks, I'm going to see Bon Jovi next week too! In Bristol.x
  • how weird i going watching bon jovi this sunday at the city of manchester stadium,i cant wait he`s soo sexy!! (don`t tell my husband i said that!!) xx
  • Hi, i love these topics keeps our minds occupied!!
    Don't have much time for DVD's or films, i have loads of animals eg 4 horses, 1 new one tomorrow! Yay. 3 dogs, 2 pigs, 3 sheep, 19 chickens and a pond full of fish. These all keep me really busy.
    Me and DH love going out for meals and socialising with friends. I'm also doing a degree parttime so it takes my time up to.
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