Thought I'd cracked it :(

AF came last night after being 5 days late .... thought I had cracked it but obviously not :\?

My cycle had been 31 days but am wondering does this mean its now longer? How do I work it out for next month?

Very unhappy that I don't have a normal body!

Jen :x


  • sorry to hear that. im not sure really how it works maybe you should go off some ovulation sticks and go from there. x
  • Hiya hunny ! Please dont be too down - you are perfectly normal. A normal AF is anything from 28 days to 35 days so 31 days seems perfectly fine.

    I would say you should work out next month based on previous. So you should be due on 31 days after today.

    Chill out for a few days, and then try again : ) xxxxx
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