DPO - when do you start counting?

the title says it all!! lol!!


  • Hi hun. I don't know if it's right or not...I get EWCM, presume I ov the next day, then count from the day after that. I had EWCM on Wed, think I ov'd on Thurs, so 1dpo was Fri - makes me 5dpo now. xx
  • thanks mithical! I thought it prob was day after OV but wasn't 100%!! I shall work it out from nxt mth!! Unless I am really lucky and don't get there of course!! lol!!
  • Fingers crossed for us both! xx
  • definitely xxxx
  • i'm still not sure when i ov exactly. have been using cbd so is it from 1st or 2nd day of smiley face??? I get ewcm on both days and don't really get ov pain. seems such a daft thing to be worrying about but i like to be able to count my dpo properly!!!
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