AF found me on holiday!!

Well she found me on holiday!! I was 2 days late so getting myself ready to tell oh on fathers day that he was going to be a Daddy again and there she was on the Saturday,cow!!! I was a little disappointed but then thought to myself it's only my 2nd month of trying,i'm here on holiday with my oh and little boy and the sun is shining and its not the end of the world! So we went out and had a few cocktails!
Hope all you ladies are well,have to catch up all the news while i've been away!! xx


  • thats the way to look at least you enjoyed your we are just starting out. hopefully next month be bfp for both of us and many more on here.xx
  • Sorry she found you- what a cow being late just so you got your hopes up!! Glad you have a good holiday. Good luck for this month!!!xx
  • That wasn't very nice of her! Good luck for next cycle. xx
  • Not nice of her at all!! At least you had a good hol and could have some cocktails!! Good luck for next month! xx
  • Im glad you didnt let her ruin your holiday, good for you! fingers crossed for next month xxxx
  • sorry to hear that hun but i'm glad you had a good holiday image
    good luck for this coming month! xxx
  • best of luck for this month Nikr - we will both be due to test around the same time again next month so here's hoping we both get a bfp x
  • Lots of bd to be done then!! x
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