baby stuff

Im just wondering if any of you have bought anything baby orientated? im so tempted with everything i see! hubby has suggested getting stuff so we can spead out the cost but im slightly against although slightly tempted! xxxxxxxx


  • i've bought a couple of nice kids books. i'm a teacher so pass it off (partly to myself as well as to others) as being for school ,but who am i kidding, they're never going near my class! lol xxx
  • I've got a couple of bits, the odd babygrow but nothing major, haven't got a buggy taking up space in the hallway yet lol!
  • cookiesandcream I do that too with books!

    We never bought anything until 14 weeks when I was pregnant with Lily.

    We saw a bargain cot the other week but didn't get it as we didn't want to tempt anything. xxx
  • Im like that Jellyfish, don't think i will get anything until i need to, im stupidly supersticious tho. im dying to buy bits and bobs tho x
  • We didnt start to buy anything until after 20weeks. Ive thougth to myself oo thats nice, but tehn tell myself something similar will come up when I need it!
  • Argh!! I laughed so much when i saw the title of this thread as everytime i go online hubby says "What are you looking at?....Baby stuff?" In his campest, highest voice as i always just say Baby stuff so he doesnt get cross and think im stressing!!

    I buy books too, im making a little 'childrens library'!! Ive got one book case and its all lines with baby books (beautiful, proper classics). Its also the only bookshelf that isnt organised!

    Thats the only thing ive done, i dont want to buy any babygrows incase it takes ages to get preg, as i would hate seeing them empty!!

    x x x
  • heehee you made me chuckle with that baby stuff comment homefairy!
    glad i'm not the only one with the books! i daren't even tell hubby coz i feel so daft - they won't even be able to appreciate them for ages after they're born - and i'm not even pregnant yet! lol
  • hey!i know which travel system i want and ive seen some lovely teddies, but im behaving myself until we actually see scans etc so i know im actually pg (not yet btw) xxx
  • I have still got loads of my other twos newborn clothes aswell as equiptment etc but im pretty sure that when i get my bfp the new baby will get all new stuff. I love buying baby stuff!! xx
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