I am going insane!!!!!!!!i hate the waiting!

I really wish my AF would just arrive now. I am so done waiting. I am only on CD33 but normally cycle is 28-32. I feel so bloated and huge and keep getting these weird cramps, sometimes like period cramps but other times just very different to AF cramps.

I am trying to stay positive but have a feeling we might not have done it this month even though I am at the same time convinced that maybe we did do it this month!??!?! it is so annoying that AF symptoms are so similar to BFP symptoms.....!

Would you test tomorrow morning? Or leave it for another couple of days or until AF arrives...!?

It is driving me insane this month....!



  • Maybe test tomorrow hun. If you are already a day past when AF shows up then it sounds quite positive x woohoo good luck for a BFP and sticky babydust xx
  • I really hope so!
  • I feel the same Hun on CD30 although this is my first cycle since I had the implant out so not sure what a 'normal' cycle is for me. Bought some FR today but don't know what to do! Xx
  • hiya trying 82, mrsLH got her BFP on CD33, so 2moro u will be CD34 i would say test 2moro for sure! good luck! xxxxx
  • just been to the toilet (sorry for tmi) and had a little bit of spotting after wiping so i think i am def out.

    Actually feel like crying at the moment and i am stuck at work!
  • awww dont be sad! do u always spot b4 AF? x
  • Aw hun, I really hope it's just that, a bit of spotting image
    I'm constantly on knicker watch too. I'm sure I'm out this month. It's my birthday 2muro and I bet I get AF just to ruin it for me image x x x
  • i normally do but about 5 days before AF arrives so this is quite late. Lol can you see how i am talking myself into not giving up hope....

    Know in my heart that AF is on her way now...
  • awwww hun! well u never know! its not over yet! and theres always next month ey! sugar&spice! hahahaha knicker watch! that sounded so funny! lol. try and have a good bday image xxxxx
  • if AF doesnt arrive by tomorrow do you think that i should test first thing tomorrow morning or just wait now??
  • Hang in there hun, It's not over till she shows. Your sounding alot more positive than me! I just know we hav'nt done it this month.
    *me* thanks for the good bday wishes! It's my daughters 3rd birthday too so should be a great day. I'm just praying af does'nt come 2muro, if shes going to visit I would rather it was today so I know where I stand!!! x x x
  • trying82 i would say test tommorow image what CD are you on sugar&spice? x
  • I'm on CD 31. Cycles are usually 31 days! So I'm expecting AF 2muro or Sat latest!
    What about you hun? x x
  • CD5 for me, she gt me, never mind tho, got a very PMA atm, so looks like u could both be testing in the next couple of days! good luck to u both hope your AF dont get you! and keep us posted either way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I know i shouldnt have done but POAS a few minutes ago. The superdrug first response one.

    HAd to squeeze some pee out lol and waited 3 minutes....

    There seems to be a really faint line!? Not getting excited yet. But i can see a faint second line.............................! Now taking into consideration my one little spot of squash like spotting after i had a pee earlier is there any chance that maybe af is not on her way!?!?!?!

    OMG i am so sorry for all the TMI but needs must girls! The line is so faint though! Iam on cycle day 33, AF should have arrived by today unless i OV late?

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH now i want the morning to arrive, need to test test test test!

  • You just made me pmsl about you having to squeeze some pee out. Hubby haad to ask me what i was chuckling about..nuuuuuthing heheimage

    Sounds like you have got a BFP hun but do another test tomorrow morning first thing to be on the safe side. Keep us posted xx
  • Does it count if it is really faint!? Lol i made myself laugh too!!!
  • lol of course it still counts, def do one early morning, more hormones in ur pee then image im pretty sure thats a BFP tho! well done hun! xxxxx
  • Thanks girls- not getting excited yet as it is sooooooooo faint!
  • Any update trying 82? xxx
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