CD16 and no smiley!?!??! Where is it???

Lol i cant wait for smiley to appear! My cycles vary from 28-32 (though 34 last month) so there is still time for smiley to turn up hopefully by Friday???

the waiting is killing me! Trying SMEP this month.... have managed to stick to it so far.

How are you all doing??


  • BE ate my reply, sorry if this shows up twice.

    I'm on cd18 and feel like I'm going crazy. I usually ov later anyway but I find the time is really dragging. Think wef-fri are going to be my fertile days.

    My rough SMEP is going well too (not using OPKs). If I don't get my bfp though, next month I will be using OPKs. I usually track by cm but with all the bding I'm finding it tough to tell the difference between what's cm and what's swimmers (sorry if tmi).
  • hey. i'm on cd17 today (according to FF) and totally new to all this. forecasted ov for the next 3 days so fingers crossed x
  • I'm a 31 day cycle and OPK showed that ov was on CD18 so have patience hun it will happen in the next couple of days xxx
  • Well done on keeping up with SMEP! I'm on CD17 and got my positive opk today.
    Any luck with yours this morning? There's definitely still time if your cycle can be up to 32 days x
  • Hi
    I was normally 30/31 day cycle, then had a random 34 day cycle. Then on this cycle - I used a CBFM and got my Peaks on CD 18/19 - meaning I ov'd on CD 21 - which gives me a 38 CD cycle!

    Got my BFP after that and just had a scan today and I'm measuring 6+3 which is bang on my ov date.

    So in short - you could just be having a long cycle - stick in there with the tests!!

    Good luck hon

  • good luck with it.

    and smiley hurry up

  • I am now on CD17!!! Hurry up smiley.....

    I have never keep track of when i am OV so this is a bit of an eyeopener to be honest. Just shows you though that you can never be sure about it all. Really hope i get the go ahead in the next few days....!

    Good luck girls and thanks for the replies...
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