Just phoned the doctors to get my test result and.....

They said its not back yet!!!!!

Oh My God why is this so difficult!!! I just want to know one way or the other!

The only good thing is the lady said if I call back just before 1pm she will try and get the result from the lab for me.

I feel sick as a dog - I cant cope!



  • OMG i thought you was gonna say it was a bfp, you big tease!! lol. God lets hope she has some news when you phone back! Are feeling as sick as a dog through nerves or just feelin sick?? xxx
  • Oh no, you must be so desparate to know the results! It will be the longest wait ever uintil 1pm. Fingers crossed and toes crossed its good news x
  • god i am so nervous for you Mrs Dickson, let us know the outcome as soon as you know, no matter what it is were all here to support you xx
  • They always make you wait, why are they so cruel! I hope you get your BFP! Fingers crossed for you.

  • I cant stop thinking they are gonna say negative and then im gonna be at work crying and trying to find out why im so god damn late! Its only 15 days till next AF is due if im not pg!
    I dont know what to think, I just want to know!!!

    I feel sick threw nerves - I think!
    My heart is beating so loud im sure everyone at work can hear it!!

    Thanks for all the support ladies.
  • That wasn't fair! Hope it's a bfp, can't wait to find out now! Good luck, fingers crossed, and tons of baby dust! xx
  • Thanks for the baby dust!

    Im trying to take deep breaths!

    Im on my lunch break in a minute, have no idea how im gonna eat!
  • aww ! image anyway whats bfp and af? i'm new to this
  • BFP - big fat positive
    AF - aunt flow - period!

    I want the first one!!
  • not long till you can call now! Hope you get a bfp after all this! Good luck! image
  • Hope you get one of those elusive BFP's hun!

    Fingers crossed for you.

  • ah rite big positive
    aunt flow


    I hope you get BFP !
  • Omg thought u were gonna say bfp! Hope its is when u finally get the result! Good luck! xxx
  • I took a big breath when I read the title of your thread then forgot to let it out when I read on.....nearly past out! Be sure to post AS SOON AS YOU KNOW!!! We are all on the edge of our seats!

    Hugs. x
  • So I just wondered do you have any pregnancy symptoms? And how long you were TTC for?

    Good luck!!!! We are waiting to hear from you! GOOD LUCK ! image
  • It's one o'clock!! xx
  • Mrs Dickson, keeping us in suspenders!!!! x
  • Its not got, its negative.
    I just knew it.

    Now im at work in floods of tears and everyone is wondering why im upset and i dont want to say anything to anyone, but im heartbroken.

    Im worried now that something is wrong with me as im on CD 45 of a usual 30 day cycle.

    I dont know what to do with myself.
    And to top it all, I cant get hold of OH.

  • well????????????????????????????
  • oh no, i really thought you was gonna get big fat positive ((((((((((big hugs))))))))) that is so poo, i could cry for you, am so sorry xxxxxx
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