1st pos opk this morn...not sure what 2 do...

Hi was very excited to get 2 strong lines on my clear blue OPK this morning.... im on CD17 which sounds about right as last month i had a 30day cycle. But am a bit scared now weather to go for it or wait untill next month, thing is in my last pregnancy i developed internal piles, and as my preg developed i started having the piles come outside each time i went to loo (sorry for the tmi), so after the birth they were especialy bad, i eventually got them back inside (after much much agony, some even worse than giving birth) anyways finally got treadted at hosp for them in jan...had them banded which also hurt like hell, (anyone else had this done), iv got my follow up appt in march, so am wondering weather i should wait for that untill i carry on ttc, as if i need more t.ment im not sure if they'd do it if i were preg? but then again they may tell me that what i do have will just settle down, so i'd of missed an opertunity. we did have unprotected on sat/sun early hrs of morn, so not even sure if that could make me preg? altough i expect doubtfull....has anyone else suffered with piles or anything or could any1 give me any advice/opinions.... i know it wouldnt be the end of world if i did wait one more month but grrrrrrrrrr...lol.

thanks all for reading know this is a loooooooong post image



  • Aw, sorry to hear you've had so much pain. I have 1 single pile but doesn't bother me - my ex used to call it my tail lol

    Sorry can't be any help but we're all behind you whatever you decide! Let us know *hugs* xx
  • thanks Tjm, i hear about 50% of people get them, mine are so much better now iv had tment on them, but i know i still have an internal pile as i can feel the heavyness when i go to the loo... guess i should wait to have my nxt appt really iits only 4 weeks image just so annoying knowing if we were to have sex tonight we could make a baby bro or sis for LO. Do u have any trouble with urs, or has it not been painfull? xxx
  • No pain at all, thank goodness, it just sits there! I keep meaning to go to drs to get it banded but as it hasn't been bothering me I keep putting it off, but after hearing the terrible time you've had I might visit GP so I hopefully won't run into trouble once I am PG.

    What have your drs recommended post-surgery? It might be worth calling their secretary to get their opinion before your appt - it may be that getting PG too soon may undo all their surgery and you'd be back in the same boat, or maybe your body has recovered enough and it would be fine. I know that doesn't help you tonight but maybe tomorrow night...*wink* you never know until you ask!

    Good luck xx
  • i know this isnt a nice subject but is urs internal? or does it pop out? my surger just banded off the piles, and cut off the blood supply so they drop off, im pretty sure its worked, except theres one i can still feel, i expect their reccomendations will prob be to give body time to recover, and i pretty much expect they'll return during pregnancy but im trying to think that as long as im not starting with them there then it cant be aby worse than last time, and maybe just maybe they wont return.... image we'll see def dont think i'll be waiting longer then after my nxt appt. Just hope they'll all go by then image id expect id hear more people suffering but even on the my baby was due in forum iv not heard alot of people suffer from them, xxxx
  • Mine is permanently out, hence the "tail" nickname from ex...git. It must be joined up somewhere inside though, never really thought about it before. It's quite small, and most of the time is flattish but sometimes fills with fluid (?blood) which I can gently sqeeze then it goes flat again (sorry if tmi lol)

    I think lots of mums suffer with them with all the pushing of labour but not many talk about them...hopefully a lovely BE user with a bit more experience than me will spot your post and offer some advice!

    Hope they all go and don't trouble you any more! Good luck with a pancake day baby!!! xx
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