so frustrated!

hey ladies, i need your advice on what you think i should do. i had a mc on the 31st march, didnt get my af til 2nd may, then got my other af on the 26th may, which was a week early, and ive just began my af today which means im getting 21 day cycles. ive never had this in my life, ive always had afs on a 4 to 5 week cycle. i was on the implanon and had it taken out in jan this year. im just really confused cos obviously im trying for a baby and how am i supposed to ovulate when im having 3 week cycles, which ive never had before, do i go to the docs and ask for advice?



  • I would go to the doctors for advice as they will be able to help you find out when you ovulate etc which will obviously help with knowing when to bd.
  • Hi, I have the same problem, before my mc I had 28 day cycles every month since coming off depo provera injection since then I had 35 and a 25 day cycle!! haven't got any advise for you really just wanted to say your not alone, I'm thinking (& hoping!) that my body isn't quite back to normal yet and is a bit confused and will be sort it's self out asap!! I wish I was one of the lucky ones that caught without ever getting my af first!
    At the minute I'm trying to make sure we bd every other night just so we got it covered!!!
    Anyway hun I hope it sorts it's self out for you asap, take care xx
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