advice needed please

I have been feeling really sick and I'm really tired all the time but the thing is I had a period on the 30th january and I thought I was ovulating over the weekend as I had pains and loafs of cm.(More than usual in fact) I tested this morning and it wwas negative. I'm also getting slight cramps too. I usually feel sick when af is due. Any ideas?


  • Hi Hannah - not sure whether you have left it long enough to test tbh - perhaps wait a little longer.
  • how long is your cycle usually? cd18 is a bit too early to test
  • I know its too early to test the only reason I tested was because I feel so tired and sick all the time. The last time I felt like this I was pregnant. I'm just a little worried because when I had my ectopic I had a period and negative tests but felt pregnant. Sorry I didn't explain very well.
  • I feel very much like I'm pregnant and it's how I felt last time I was pregnant, but I know it's too early for me to test. It can be common to feel symptoms before its early enough to test. Try to wait a few days and test again.
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