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really funny time at tescos lol

:lol:hey just got back form tesco, and guesswhat i saw in there BABY DUST!!! HAHAHAHHA seriously its a baby bath called baby dust it has small pieces of glitter in it. i had to look twice at it, and then i laughed out loud, 2 young guys were behind me and i laughed so loud i made them jump hahahhaha poor gus were scared to death. wanted to buy some but it didnt seem to be smae baby dust on here lololololol.
just thought id share htta with you all

baby dust to all


  • So that should be babydust and bubbles to all. Filo x
  • Ha, ha! The thought of you making those boys jump has really made me laugh! Well, I'm already peeing in an enchanted princess jewel goblet from Tescos to make my ov testing more interesting , so perhaps glittery baby dust from Tescos is what we all need too!!

  • wow, i wanna try it!
    wouldnt that b freaky if ppl bathed in it n it helped get a bfp.......... hmmmmmmm
  • If you let the makers know they'd probably market it as such.! LOL
    Filo x
  • Hey, cool idea. (Pinches Mrs Takers thought and works out where the nearest 24 hour Tesco is) See you later, i'm off to buy some baby dust!!!!!!!!! (and clubcard points thrown in!) lololololol love bluebird xxxx
  • Ooooooo!!! That sounds fab!!!
    Hmmm I wonder......
    Well I bet I'll be checking that out the next time I go to tescos - I go every week so no need to look for the closest one - we have one of the largest tesco ever so they MUST have it!!!
    I can always post you some!!!
    Then again you could try ebay - they have everything!!!!
  • maybe we should go into business!!!! lol!!!

  • cool..I'm gonna buy some! could use it as a massage oil as part of!!
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