o dear, i went to bed last night with a massive heaache! feel asleep at half 9, woke up this morning, with still a massive headache and was super tired still, and fell asleep in my towel on the sofa for half hour! lol. anyways, i took 2xibroprofen. im now feeling really guilty coz ive been feeling alot going on down there (in my tummy) thismonth, testing in 1 week. (25th) and just remebered you mustnt take ibroprofen when preg! oops. i no theres nothing i can do about it now. but do u think 2 tablets would really do alot of harm? im panicking now! image just read online ibrprofen in early pregnancy can cause mc image xxxxxx


  • Think you will be ok hun as apparntly it takes about 8 weeks before anything gets to little bean so if youare pg then should be ok. Although im not a doctor so maybe check with nhs online to be sure?
  • You'll be fine (and little baba if your pregnant) I didn't know I was pregnant for the first four weeks, and wasnt trying to get pregnant either, so I carried on as normal. I was drinking (taking ibuprofen for the hangover lol) and now I have an 8 month old healthy daughter.

    You and your baby don't share the same blood supply, and baby doesn't feed off you till the placenta is formed (which is alot later on than you will be). So there is no need to worry hun!!

    Go back to relaxing, but take paracetamol instead next time to calm you down with worrying.
    Hope your ok hun xx
  • I was taking co codamol before I knew I was pregnant with my DD and I was also going out at weekends drinking and when I found out I was expecting I thought I had done her damage but nope she was fine image

    Just look up what you can and can not take/eat etc...

    Gem x

  • As the others have said, try not to worry, i took some when i was pregnant with my daughter, before i knew, and she is bounding around my living room as i type this image x
  • phew, thanks so much girlies, youve made me feel sooooooo much better image probly wont be preggo atall now and worrying for nuffin, but u no, wanna be careful, just in case image xxxxxxxxxx
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