iPeriod app for iPhone - again! Great for newbies!

For all you lovely ladies that may have missed my previous post or are new to this site:

If you have an iPhone, I highly recommend the apps iPeriod or Period Tracker. (iPeriod is better as has a password function).
The app will track your cycles and let you know when you are most likely to be ovulating and your fertile days. Very good and it's really helped me start and understand the science behind all of this! xxx


  • Hiya wild,

    Hubby was looking at apps on his phone and I told him to browse the word period and he found the free version of that period tracker that your on about, he was going to get it for me even though it would be on his phone lol but he lost his 3G signal.

    So you reckon its good? Im hoping i wont need it and get my BFP soon.

  • Hiya MPP,

    Yes it's definately worth getting - I've changed over to iPeriod but both are worth downloading. You put in your AF dates and it charts it all for you, tells you pretty much everything you need to know.
    Fingers crossed you won't need it, I paid for the iPeriod and will be the first time in my life I won't give a monkeys if I don't get my ??'s worth! LOL.
    When are you due to test? xxx
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