2nd cycle on CBFM and no peak!!

As I said really, I'm currently on my 2nd cycle using my CBFM and I got 2 peak days on days 11 and 12 last month so obviously I ovulated.
This month though I've been getting highs from day 6 up until today which is day 12 and still no egg?! A couple of days ago I did have quite a lot of EWCM and an aching feeling in my stomach, so presumed ovulation was on its way-but now nothing!!
Has anyone else experienced this cz I'm worrying now that Im not ovulating?xx


  • Hi Hun,

    try not worry, there's till loads of time. Before now I've not had my first peak until CD18 image so there's still loads of time :\)

    Good luck and lotas of baby dust to you

  • hey hun, i am on 2nd cycle of cbfm and i got 9 or 10 days of high b4 i got my peak on day 18 so try not to worry!!! xxx
  • I also had highs for ages before I finally got peaks on CD17 and 18 last month. Got through 20 sticks.
  • Hi
    You could just be having a random long cycle like everyone has said - and so your peaks should come soon. The monitors do take time to adjust if you are a bit irregular. And even if you know you normally have regular cycles - could just be this month that your body decides to play a trick on you.
    I got my first peak on CD18 - mornally I'm 30/31 CD cycles - but this one meant I was on for a 35/6 day cycle as I ov'd on CD21 (18/19 Peak, 20 high, 21 low) So don't worry and keep poas!!

  • thanks for all your replies ladies. It seems i was getting myself all worried over nothing as I got an egg this morning image it seems im ovulating a little later than usual this month-better late then never!xx
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