HULK and The Mummy - here I come!

Because I've probably bored you to death about it - many of you might remember me saying once or twice (LOL!) that I am going to Florida soon! We go in 25-days - YAY!!!

Anyway, this morning I got my 'period runs' - sorry to be gross - anyway, I seem to get an upset tum a day or two before AF arrives. So hubby and I have accepted that its not happened this month for us and so now we are REALLY getting excited about Florida as it means I can go on all the rides!!!!!!! Hooray!!! Also means hubby doesn't have to go on the really big ones alone!!! HULK is my favourite, followed very closely by The Mummy Returns - and I just can not wait to get on them again!!!

Depending on when AF arrives this month (I have a feeling she might be a little late, making my cycle a bit longer again) we will work out whether we can try before we go - who knows, I might end up coming back from Florida with more than a stuffed Mickey!!! If I'm lucky, I wonder if I might even get to try one of the many American pregnancy tests - hurrah!!! Did you see how many they took off the shelves in Knocked Up??!?!?!

Good luck to everyone else this month and thank you all so much for being so kind to me through my TTC journey!!!



  • TMI but I get that too!

    Apparently (gross) its because the muscle contractions as your uterus starts to shed can set off your bowel. Much like pooing yourself during labour!
  • Really? Wow, have to say I am grateful for the explanation because I have ALWAYS suffered from it and nobody I know ever has!!!

    SO not looking forward to the birth poo tho!!! My sister gave birth to her second in a pool and my Mum recalls hearing the midwife saying "erm I think we need to get a sieve" image

    Sorry that was the most TMI EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joo -that is hilarious! Apparently you get a little fishing net with the birth pool for that very reason. So, so undignified.

    Your poor sister - mortifying!

    But yes, its the same action when you get AF - just a lot more gentle. We've clearly got really suggestive bowels that like to join in!
  • Oh no. I have this as well! Had bad stomach on Monday last week, came on on Wednesday! Just thought it was hormones playing with my IBS type symptoms (self diagnosed!). Will definitely argue to go to the loo before any baby's born!! xx
  • I get this too before af and also before i go into labour, ive never done it during labour though! lol. xx
  • Thank goodness for that Debbie, wasn't looking forward to least there's hope it won't happen! lol xx
  • Thank god it;s not just me I have had this since I started my AF image i do have IBS so i thought it was just that but use to get it whenever i came on.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday what a great trip it will be image I want to see pictures!!

    K xx
  • Erm can i just mention when you are in labour you will not care one bit and be very grateful for anything leaving your body !!!LOL
  • Every cloud has a silver lining! We put off ttc so I could have one last trip to Orlando. I couldn't imagine going and having to wait outside The Hulk or The Mummy (2 of my favourite ride too!) while my husband was enjoying them.

    Have fun in 25 days, and just think, next time you go back, how much more fun will it be with your little ones!!!
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