Folic Acid

I have been told and also read in the Zita West book that it is good for men to also take Folic Acid? Is this true?? about 400g it says in the book?? I am taking it should hubby be taking some as well?



  • I am sure that is what it said? He told me he bought some at lunch and that it says one pill a day and each pill is 440g? Thats from boots?

    Is that too much should I tell him not to take them?
    k xxxx
  • That does sound like way too much. It may be 440 something but not grams - could it be milligrams??? I'd say just wait til you get home and just go with the recommended daily dose on the box.....HTH xx
  • it must be mg sorry he wrote g on his email it must mg?

    k xxxxxx
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