To test or not...?

Although not today before all you poas addicts tell me to.

Assuming my AF has got back to normal after stopping the pill, AF is due on 14th July - and I'll be on holiday, camping in France. So.... do I take a test with me and do it if no AF, or do I wait until I get back?

I'm unsure if I'll ovulate because a) its only the first cycle since AF returned this month and b) I'm due to ovulate this week but have had some bad news which has knocked me for six rather, and this might stop me ovulating.

So: what would you all do? Take a test with you or just wait until you get home if no AF?


  • Hi love,

    Sorry to hear you had some bad news ;-(

    I would say take a test with you image if you don't your be wishing that you didimage

    K xx
  • Thanks K-Lou - my uncle died very unexpectedly, with my cousin due to get married in the next few weeks. I just feel so sad about it all.

    But I suppose I can take a test with me and not necessarily use it if I don't feel like it.
  • Sorry you had bad news.
    I agree - take a test with you. See how you feel when the time comes. If you don't you might really want to test and will be gutted if you don't have one with you.
    You would have to do a Bridget Jones trying to but a pg tesk in a foreign language - lol!
  • You're right Baby B - my French can stretch to ordering some dinner and asking directions, but not to deciphering a pregnancy test in a campsite loo....
  • Yes i agree totally with K-lou, take a test with you! Im sorry that youve had some bad news hun, i hope you still manage too enjoy your holiday. xxx
  • Hiya
    I was due on when I was on honeymoon, I didn't take a test as I didn't want the week to revolve around counting down the days til I did it! It was then a lovely present to come home and get a bfp!
    If you think you are likely to want to run out an buy one anyway then take one.xx
  • Oh thats awful I really am sooo sorry image big hug xxxxx
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