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hi ladies, im new to this! a bit of background. im with my new amazing fiance, ive got 2 boys, 5 and 3 (not my fiance's) was on the implant after the 2nd child was born, took it out in jan, and im currently trying for child number 3. had a miscarriage end of march, was 5 weeks. felt really upset, but this month am trying to be positive. its amazing trying for a child with the man you love. im really wanting things to go well, my expected period is on the 5th may, im not good with all the terms that you use on here. is there any tips. xx


  • hi hn, and welcome! ongrats on trying, for number 3! and i agree it is amazing! the terms you will pick up as you go hun, havent really got any tips lol, just BD (baby dance) as much as possible lol. a few you might find handy are...

    AF- aunt flow
    EWCM- eggy wite cervical mucus
    FMU- first morning urine
    OV- ovulate
    POAS- pee on a stick

    lol these are the most used ones, so u should be fine, and pick up the rest as you go, i think there is a post with all of them n here, i did try find it, but i couldnt lol gd luck hun xxxxxxxxx
  • hi soap87 welcome and glad your joining us. it took me a while to know all the terms but you get used to it lol! if you go to the forum list and click on chat room rules and then go to alphabet and write them down so you can double check. sorry to hear about your mc hope this is your month and goodluck with that bfp xxx
  • thanks ladies, like i said im just trying to remain positive. its fun trying though isnt it heh. but im definitely going to be using this site a lot to help me. im awful with testing early and im gonna try my best not to do it earlier to avoid disappointment. did you ladies test on the actual day when ur period was due or 2 weeks after you bd? ive not started using fertility sticks yet to see when im ovulating, so would like to know more about this. sorry about all the questions, like i said im a newbie to this as this is the first time ive planned a baby with the man i love. xx
  • hi im not charting my temps or using ovulation kits but ive read alot on here and apparently charting your temps is more effective im not sure how it works tho you could look it up or post about it. look up the sperm meets egg plan because a few ladies on here have got their bfp's doing that. basically bd every other day through the month. their is other things you could try if you have no success but were just being casual at the min been ttc 3 months. fingers crossed for you.

    p.s some ladies have tested 10 dpo ( days past ovulation) but most tests say you can test 4 days before af due. depends on your symptoms really but if you test too early and bfn it is upsetting so prob best to wait till af is due before testing.

    Good luck xxx
  • thanks kimlou lol, i test (intend to test) on the day AF is due image awww ts so sweet you are crazy in love imageim not using any fertility sticks either, im just trying to read my body and bd as much as possible, especially around the time i think i ovulate (when i get ewcm) this website should help you outloads! it has me image lots of support too, whic is great if your having down day, and lots of people who understand what your going thru, everyone on here is lovely image xxxxxxx
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