Anyone cycle buddies out there?

I'm on day 2 of my cycle, AF turned up on 26th, which was a day early making my cycle 27 days not 28 as usual.

Any cycle buddies out there?



  • I'm on CD4 so only slightly ahead. This is month 6 for us x
  • I'm on CD4 so only slightly ahead. This is month 6 for us x
  • Hi ladies!

    This is first month trying again, as we did try for a few months last year, but I'm not counting that!

    Good to have buddies to go through it all with I say! x
  • I started to come on tues night and prop yday morning.
    Will this make me CD 2 or 3? hehe im a little ditzy :P
    I hopefully should be ov'ing around 11th May
    emma xx
  • Is this anyone elses first baby?
    I so get what you mean Happy25! Im baby crazy too, everytime i see a tiny baby im like omg look how cute it is and really want a bump!!! lol
    I never tried the opk, my ewcm kinda gives it all away for me lol.
    But my body has been a little up and down since december, but had lots of tests and all is looking good so got the go ahead to start ttc again image
    When is everyone else ov'ing around?
  • This will be my first baby if i conceive and deliver but will be my 3rd pg.
    I had 2 mmc last year, My first in June, lost bubs at around 7 weeks and mmc at 15 weeks then waite for 1 cycle then tried again and fell pg again at end of July, i lost bubs at 6+2 and mmc at around 12 weeks.
    So im excited to be ttc again but also super scared.
    Well we decided to just BD everyday after my cycle then we will be fine lol.
    Also doc said to make it fun :P that way will take the stress away from ttc and make us more relaxed.
    Im sure she said your more likely to conceive when your relaxed and having fun than stressing over your ov date.
    So we just thought ahhh lots of exercise next month then hehe :P
    Its going to go super slow!! This week has dragged so much for me.
    Are you taking any folic acid?
  • Yupp was a tough time but we back and not going to take no for an answer lol.
    I was on folic acid i got from the doc but am now on pregnacare too.
    Been taking that on and off since dec but am now back on it, been taking it since march properly. Do you have to take it at same time everyday or does it not matter?
    Hehe i say just pounce on him and make it fun.
    My OH keeps saying for me to dress up and stuff haha.
    I also heard that if you orgasm after sex it helps you to conceive (this is if you dont already do so during sex) that foreplay helps cause the CM helps the little swimmers out lol.
    Also lots of baby dust to you also
  • It will be my first too.
    I'm bought the pregnacare for couples so it comes with the mens one too, hubby doesn't get why I want him to take them. Should have seen his face when I gave them to him. He has been taking them though so thats good.

    I think I will be ovulating 11th May?

    Lots of baby dust to you all.

  • I usually just take it with my lunch or dinner.
    I have had a really strange april cycle! I had a few twinges on tues night and a little bit of spotting, weds i had bad period pains but it wasnt like proper blood, it seemed just like red but mixed in with CM (sorry if tmi!) then i had no period pains since and come off yday, so far today only a little spotting thats brownish.
    Usually when AF arrives i have period pains most days and stay on for up to 5-7 days.
    Im really confused lol.
    Its probs nothing though, even my OH was surprised when i said yday that i had almost come off already.
    Im ov'ing around the 11th May too!!
    Could get our BFP on the same day! image hehe.
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