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So sad- trying to be positive but its so hard!

Hi girls

I started spotting on thursday evening..... so i knew AF was on her way.

One of my best friend called (he knows we are trying) and had some surprising news for me, his gf was 8 weeks pregnant. They had no idea and it was a surprise for them. They were def not trying so it was quite a shock for me. My first reaction was that i was happy for them obviously but i was also upset because AF is on her way.

I guess what i am saying is that we are trying so hard to get pregnant and for some people it just 'happen's....! I am quite shocked lol!!!

I have tried to hide how upset i am but spent a lot of time on the weekend being quite upset, prob just hormonal because AF was due.....

So they are now out shopping everyday and he is especially happy as he wants this so much and he will make a great dad. I am actually quite jealous and now want to get even more pregnant as it would be lovely to have kids of similar age. I am so happy for them as they are going to be great parents.

Sorry for the whine but i am actually jsut so upset as everywhere i look someone is pregnant. I know we have only been trying since july so only in our 5th month of trying. But i just have a feeling that it is going to take us ages to get pregnant and i want to go to the doctors as soon as possible to chekc we are in working order... would he even take me seriously this early on??

Thanks for listening girls...


  • I kow how you feel we have been trying from june this year but evry wear i go there is just babies everywere espicaly new borns hope you feel beter
  • hi sorry to hear you news i am going though the same thing.. me and my partner was trying for a baby after a m/c .we got so excited when the test showed i was pregnant again we didn't tell any one as we was scared if we had a m/c again but decided to tell people on after our 12 wk scan at the scan i was told my baby had no heart beat that's was bad another to deal with then soon after i found out a friend was pregnant and was due the same time i would of been so now i have to see her bump and its going to bring it all back to me i am very happy for my friend as she has wanted a child for a long time i glad she and her partner are very happy.. but i just think to my self it wasn't my time yet and my time will come as will yours things happen for a reason your time will come x
  • jomossy-so sorry to hear about your m/c. I think you are right in thinking that your time will come...xxThanks for both your messages...
  • Hay i am also finding it really hard to stay pos when all i want to do is cry. If i go on facebook i keep seeing people saying there having babys and i just have to turn it off :cry:

    I am having a bad 1 again today ((((((((hugs)))))))))

    Month 16 TTC #2
  • Even harder these last few days i have been spotting on and off but no proper AF!!??? So obviously, because i could not help myself i took a pregnancy test and its BFN! As usual, so annoyed at myself.

    So now just waiting for AF to come what fun lol....

    Just fed up these last few days. Might just get drunk... that seems to help people get pregnant he he he he!
    Gembags- ((((((((hugs)))))))))))
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