Bleeding 3 days after BFP!!!!!

I dont know whats going on. I am so upset as I have started to bleed this morning only 3 days after getting my BFP on 2 HPT's.
I really dont know what to do.
Any advice?


  • Hi babymonkey75

    Not sure what is means but it might be worth phoning NHS direct - they might be able to give you advice or does your Drs have an emergency number?

    Hope you are ok
  • Get checked out. Doctors asap. I know that doesn't sound very encouraging, but it's the best advice. A doctor will be able to help you more than anyone else.
    Good luck hun x
  • My doctors are useless. They are not interested in pregnancy at all. I may see how things go today and ring NHS direct later.
    Im terrified they will say that im miscarrying.
    Its only light bleeding but (TMI) I have had 2 clots, 1 last night and 1 this morning (both when I wiped). I have worn a sanitary towel all night and there is only a tiny mark on it.
  • Hi this happened to me in feb but mine was ,6 days after.u could do another test to see if it still comes up positive but i would ring the doctor or nhs direct line.xx
  • I think I will try NHS Direct later. I had a miscarriage in aug 06. I must admit to myself that it does feel similar. Obviously, there was nothing that anyone could do.
  • fingers crossed for you,i had a mmc in the nov 07 b4 the positive in feb 08,
    try and stay positive until u no whats goin on,if u ring the nhs they mite get u a scan. xx
  • Its odd because obviously im worried in case i am miscarrying but feel a real sense of calm like things will be ok, do you know what I mean. I still feel pregnant, still nauseous, boobs are rock hard and hurt, heart burn etc etc.
    The bleeding doesnt hurt at all, no back ache or anything.
  • thats good ,u just need to rest all day and keep ur feet up thats what i got told,fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • lol, oh I intend to dont you worry. Might put a good film on and have a lovely cuppa
  • Ohh babymonkey, im sorry to hear that you have had some bleeding. This is quite common in early pregnancy as im sure you know, theres not really much you can do except to take it easy and keep an eye on things. I really hope it stops soon and you can get on and enjoy your pregnancy. love debs xx
  • thanks everyone.
    You know, it really does help knowing that you ladies are here. Its really good to get everyones experiences and opinions.
    Thanks again
  • Hi babymonkey,

    I can't add much more, but do know lots of women bleed and have periods even though pregnant. Thinking of you. Let us know how you get on.
  • I will keep you posted. You dont get rid of me that easily lol
  • aw hun make sure you get it checked out and keep us posted. no pain is a good sign. i had a pink/brown tinged discharge the other week (when i was 5 weeks) and was terrified, felt sick with worry as i thought that was it. but it only last a couple of days, i wore a pantyliner to monitor it. i asked mw on friday about it and she said it was all fine - just implantation. i was a bit confused as i thought implantation bleeds were about 7 days after ov but she told me that wasn't necessarily the case and that it was just the baby burrowing itself in. i still wear pantyliners now to monitor everything that comes out of me and now i'm too scared not to wear one just in case!
    lots of sticky babydust to you xxxx
  • Fingers crossed then. I to thought that implantation bleeds were a week or so after ov.
  • Hi Babymonkey! just logged on and read your post love!
    Fingers crossed its all ok, the fact you have no pain is good, as Mrs_E said it could just be implantation, just monitor it and hopefully it will just go away. Keep your feet up and have a relaxing day and make your oh do everything! Keep us
  • I am full of NMA. I dont think OH gives a [email protected]#t. He is playing a stupid football game on the x box. I have been lying on the bed in tears and he hasnt said a word.
  • oh honey i am so sorry but we don;t know it is anything to worry about yet ok it might be an idea to call nhs now rather than leaving it till later as if your stil bleeding later there answe will be the same and it might just put your mind at rest??

    K xxx
  • hi hun have you called nhs? i think its a good idea xx
  • Hi babymonkey, i hope your apt comes through for your scan now as it will help to put your mind at rest. xx
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