unbelievably confused!

hey girls....

thought i had my bfp in the bag! had a number of clear blue plus tests with bfp only faint but defo there! today i bought the fr tests because they are on offer in boots and nothing.....so went back to do a clear blue one and then another faint line. its driving me mad! i have sore boobs today, tummy cramps nausia but no possitive on a fr? anyone can u please help?


  • a pos is a pos...i always did find the fr the most sensative...but it depends on weather uv drank alot of water and diluted ur urine when doing ut fr??xx
  • Give it 3 days and test again hun xx xmay be too early xxx
  • hey sarah,

    i had a very very faint pos on CB this morning, but then it disappeared (3 hours later) so i am confused too!
    sorry....not much help - but thought i would share my CB experience with you image
    i am going to test again in the morning x
  • HI
    with my first baby I had faint positives on the clearblue digital ones (wiht the lines?) yet first response never gave me a line or much of one even when clear blue did so you never know!!1
    Can you leave it a day or two (I know, I know!!) and then test first morning urine with another test?
    Good luck x
  • hi sarah

    i have been waiting for you to post, i wasnt on yesterday tho... i had the same my positives on the clearblue were very clear just thin, i did test early tho...waited till af due tested again same a positive result so went and bought a boots own brand and negative and the 2nd boots was negative and unfortunatly when af was 5 days late she turned up with a negative clearblue result, i really hope this is not the case for you but i dont rate them cb tests at all unless it was a chem pg for me??? i will never no...good luck hun and keep us posted xx
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