well, she got me :roll: but good news as well

af arrived with a vengeance yesterday, and had so much pain it made me sick for most of the day (worried hubby) but not too sick to go shopping!

t'other day a birdy poo'd on me head (ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww) and as horrible as it was i had to bear in mind its supposed to be good luck - so i was looking out for something good.
Was at my dads yesterday and got a letter from my old building society - telling me about an account i'd forgotten i had - and theres quite a bit of money in there! image so thats good image

also Its pay day today! My first for the new job, and am quite excited.

Plus ~I managed to find a dress for ollies christening that doesnt make me look like a cylinder but does look quite ok on me, and a little shrug to go with it, and we found a lovely little outfit for ollie image

so although af is here, there are some good things, and I'm hoping that this next month is for us image (I'm going back to poas for ov this month to check wether cycles have changed from 28 to 35 ) and hubby is ready for bding every other day image

at least I'm not in limbo land anymore tho and we can do something once af goes away image

(and weve just got new broadband set up which is dead cheap and coz hubs is a postie we get extra benefits like the first 3 months free! and only ??20 after - it includes free evening and weekend calls and line rentals aswell!)

so wishing everyone the best of luck, and going by my last cycle I will be POAS around the 2nd June - which is 2 days after my birthday so might have to POAS 2 days early! image Would be a great pressie image
(its also 4 days before my dads birthday as well)



  • awww sorry to hear that hun! good luck for next month XX
  • sorry she got u honey but best of luck this month!
  • I hope we wil

    SB I think I'll follow your lead this month - af is due on the 1/2nd June, but its my birthday on the 31st.... So I'm hoping it works for us this month image

    Will post some pics on here and on f'book image Tis a shame you cant make it, but we will get together at some point soon image Mr Y has another week off work he can take at some point so will hopfully be able to use that to come see you image

    Am feeling better at the moment, and as its payday I'm allowed a bottle of wine after work image

  • Sorry shes found you but pleased you have so much pma for next month, good luck for a birthday bfp!!!!xx
  • Goodluck for next hunny month hunny, sorry the witch got u xxxx
  • Hello, sorry about the witch but I'm glad you had some good news! Good luck for June!xxx
  • Steph AF is due for me on 1st of June so I will join you in POAS around then if thats ok x

    Sorry to hear that AF got you this month but congrats on all your positives and yay for the hidden bank account x
  • Sorry to hear, but keep trying.
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