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Hi all,
I am new here!!!
I am 30 and hubby is 32, trying to conceive for almost 2 years now with no success. I Asked my GP to refer me to a consultant at an NHS hospital last year (on April 2009), and after a few chasers they offered me an intial consultation on August 2009. Following this consultation I was asked to return after 3 months. In the mean while I did a couple of blood test, swb test, transvaginal scan..etc and my hubby did his semen analysis ( showed a weak motility, but ok as per the doctor); and the next available appointment I was offered was december 2009 ( over 3 months after the initial consultation) :x

After a long 2 hours wait in the waiting room I finally saw a consultant who only spent 5 min with me: he said all the test results are ok, and that now I need to do a Hysterosalpingogram ( to check that my fallopian tubes are not blocked) and that hubby needs to re-do his semen analysis as they cannot rely on 1 test only and asked me to return after 3 months. :cry:

I did the Hysterosalpingogram in January 2010 and the doctor who did it to me confirmed ( there and then) and the tubes are fine.

I received a letter from the hospital in January and was offered an appointment to see the consultant end of March 2010 ( that's almost 4 months after the 2nd consultation!!!) :x

Anyway, my hubby did his 2nd semen analysis and I was waiting for my next appointment...until I received another letter from the hospital last week saying " due to doctor's absence we had to postpone your appointmnet until May 2010"!!!!! That really annoyed me so much!!!

I just had enough of this lengthy NHS waiting!! It seems that I'm just going nowhere with this and am wasting my time !! It's been almost a year since my GP referral and I still dont know what is wrong or what I should do!!!:cry:

I am now seriously thinking about Artificial Insemination or IVF, but also know that to go on NHS waiting list is long too amd may wait months to years....and I also know that self funded treatments are very expensive!!!

I am lost..anyone can advise please?


  • Hi Lady Mel,

    Sorry to hear your probs with the nhs, it sounds like a nightmare
    I agree with littlewolf that the ladies on the long term ttc board will be able to offer you better advise and will know more of what you're going through.

    good luck and babydust, hope you get your bfp soon xx
  • Littlewolf & Smudge Smith, Thanks for your replies and advice. I will move my post to the other board. xxxx
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