Other halves

How long has everyone been with their partners for?
I have been with my boyfriend for 17 months and we have wanted to have a baby since very early on. It's fairly early in our relationship but I have no doubts that we'll be together for the long haul.


  • We've been together 4 years now, it's flown by! Get married in September! x
  • We have been together two and a half years and married 6 months xxxx
  • My oh says we can't get married for a while as weneed all our spare cash for the baby - which is fair enough. I'd happily get married in a registry office one wednesday afternoon without telling anyone though - I'm more excited about the marriage than the wedding.
  • lulabellarama - i have been with oh 2 and half yrs, we got engaged after 6 months, but no date set for wedding! oh has wanted a baby pretty much since we first got together (we moved in together after 3 months) i was only 18 when we got together, wanted to wait till i was at least 21 although i was broody! are u ttc with ur man? if you both want it and are in love and happy then go for it!! xx
  • we have been together 3 years this mth and just got engaged!
    we decided to ttc as oh is 35 and doesn't want to be an old dad!!!
    not planning on wedding till 2010 and can't wait that long!!! lol!!!
  • Hi J20, yes we have just started TTC. I already had a son, who is now 5, when me and OH got together. He is such a great father figure to my son that I really can't wait to give him a baby of his own. The timing just feels perfect...
  • After being with someone for 11 years I have now been on my own for 10 years and am not looking for a man as I love my life as it is(except for wanting another lo!!)xx
  • Congratulations danipink, was it a romantic proposal?
    And Tibby, you must be really looking forward to your wedding - have you chosen a dress that can be altered if need be?image
  • Hi girls, DH and I have been together 7 and a half years and married for 2. We're both big kids at heart and although both of us have always really wanted children we weren't ready to start ttc until last year!

    Wish we hadn't left it so long now.......!!!
  • hjanea - I really enjoyed being on my own for a while and could have happily carried on being a single mum - just hasn't worked out that way for me.
    I was watching a program about women using donors last night and thought of you!
  • hi. ive been with my oh for 12years married for 8 in august. we decided to wait till "the right time" to have a baby but then decided we would wait forever if we did that.lol. so we had our lo in dec 2006 and we are ready for our next now.
  • I've been with my hubby for 6 1/2 years. We got engaged after 11 months & we've been married for 4 years at the start of this month.
  • Together 9 years and married 9 months image We have a little boy who is 4
  • Been together 3yrs and 9 months, & been married for the last 9 months. We started trying in Feb this year and was lucky enough to fall pretty much straight away, now 9wks pg.x
  • Ok well here is a quickie for you all, im with my hubby 2 years and 2 months, we have a 7 month old baby and been married for almost 10 months. We got engaged after 10 weeks and married just over a year after that.
    Now saying that we have known each other all our lives, we went to primary school together and my sister is married to his cousin who live 100yds away!
    We done everything quick but we love each other and as long as you have that then you are ok. x
  • good luck to the girls getting married!!

    we aren't getting married yet coz it just costs so much and after all am only young have plenty of time, want babies more!! i think if we are truly in love and set to stay together it doesn't matter when we get married, but preferably before im 30!!

    my oh is 26 and says hell be an old dad if he doesnt have a baby soon!!

  • I'm starting to get excited now! Yes, my dress, could quite easily be adjusted to accomodate a little bump! I'm not getting my hopes up that we'll get our BFP before the wedding anyway, it can take so long! That's why we've started TTC now! It would be fabulous if we did though! Would love to announce it to all our family and friends on the day! I can dream.......
  • We have been together for 4yrs 7months, engaged for 4yrs 6 months and have no plans for getting married in the next couple of yrs as we would like another baby first. We already have a daughter who is nearly 2 1/2 and were ttc our second - on month 7.
    It has all happened so fast but I fell completely head over heals in love at first sight and to us it wasnt a minute too soon to get engaged. We had our engagement party in May 2004 (blimey that seems like donkeys yrs ago) and did hope to be married by 2006 but we found out I was pg May 2005 at the young age of 18!!! We now have our own flat with a garden and a puppy for felicity. I so cant wait for our little family to grow. x x ( sorry did i just tell you all my life story!)
  • I went to a wedding at the beginning of this month and the groom announced in his speech that they were 7 weeks pregnant!!! The silence was deafening but was followed very quickly by a huge applause!!

    It was great!! So let's hope, hey, Tibby......!!
  • I've been with my OH 2 1/2 years we moved in together last November and started ttc in January. Although we have spoken about getting married and have agreed it is something we want to do. We wanted to have a baby more and as can't afford to do both at the moment. Any wedding is put on hold!!
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