being over wight

hi i was just wondering if being over weight dos affect ttc its just that im very over weight and the experts do say that women do catch when they lose weight but i know some people that who are bigger then me and have still got pregnat within 12 months my oh says to lose weight and it will happen only been trying for6 months and i think it takes a good7 months for the pill to come out the systom( was on for 10 years) what dose any one els think .x


  • Hello there, I was a size *wipsering* 20 when i got preg with my son image So it does happen no matter what size. image
    Good Luck gems xx
  • thanks feel better know .x
  • knowing im fatter than you :lol: :lol: :lol:

    (hope u take it as a joke) image
  • gembags - made me chuckle while boss was standing behind me!!
  • I wrote it and then thought OMG hope it was taken as a joke :lol:

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  • I was quite overweight when I had my son so it can happen. Any weight you can lose will make pregnancy so much easier on you though.
    Also if you do find yourself having problems TTC you may well be told to lose weight before they will help you.
    In the grand scale of things a lot of people take longer than 6 months though so fingers crossed for a BFP soon xxx
  • gems not at all
    LOL you are

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  • my two friends who are on the larger side have found TTC a lot easier than myself and concieved pretty quickly, i dont think it has a lot of bearing on concieving but makes you a higher risk pregnancy x

    good luck x
  • I was a size 20 after I had DD. I then lost 3 stone and got down to a 14/16 and fell pregnent really easily (hadnt been using protection all the time I was big and never fell).

    Serena X
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