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Anyone joining me for the 2WW?



  • I'm really tired today, but dogs woke me up before 8am. I have a persistant headache, but could just be because I'm tired! lol

    I also (TMI coming up!) feel like I'm dripping/leaking...but I'm not! xx
  • Those sound good! Does the headache feel hormonal? I had headaches all through my last pregnancy, it's a horrible pain and difficult to get rid of too.

    My lo started walking today! Feel like she's all grown up now which makes me want a baby all the more.
  • I'm not sure I know what a hormonal headache feels like?! I think my bb's are ever so slightly achey, but I had that last month.

    Congrats on your lo walking, it's so cute how they want to please you by coming to you, once they've mastered it! xx
  • Ok girls, we are now in the 1ww!! My stuffy nose turned out to be the mother of all colds! Am having stabbing AF pains though so either she's coming early or something else is going on in there.

    How's everyone else feeling??
  • I'm working nights, so hard to know what's related and what's not! Obviously I'm tired! :roll:

    Have one kind of pain or ache in my abdo all the time. Sometimes just and ache (but not an af ache), sometimes stabby pain, on right. Boobs are achey, mainly nipples!

    Had all this last month, so not holding my breath!! :roll: xx
  • I hate working nights, they really take it out of you! What's your work policy on working nights when pregnant? I managed to get out of them last time and on-calls, so can't wait to get pregnant again in that respect.

    Hope you get through them ok. x x x
  • Last night shift!

    Once the risk assessment it completed, if nights are making you ill when pg you can get out of them! My friend is 14+4, and she was really suffering. Feeling dizzy, vomiting and not getting any sleep! xx
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