I am sooo frustrated!!!! ...

Morning girls!

Well i am now CD33 and still BFN! Ive never been late in my life, always been 28days cycle!
So i have nooo idea whats going on. :roll:

I did a FR this morning and thought i seen a VERY faint line, but it dissapeared! And theres now a big solid BFN line! :cry:

I havent tested for 3 days and thought that if i am preg it will show today, but obv not. I dont even have any signs of period coming! :\(

Anyone else in same boat?

Sharon xx


  • I just wrote quite a long reply and then it lost it! Oh well.

    I'm onto day 40 of my usual 29 day cycle, and got another bfn this morning. Its like i'm punishing myself over and over everytime i take one. There seems to be quite a few ladies who are late but getting bfn's this month.

    Deep down i know i'm not pg, i'm sooo frustrated too. i feel like my body is playing tricks on me.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that we both just have very shy sticky beans!


  • Aww i hate when that happens, cos u cant be assed to type it all again lol.

    Day 40? Its sooo annoying eh!
    Oh u dont know deep down that youre not! U may very well be!
    How long u been ttc? x

    Yes fingers crossed for us both xxxx
  • Yeah, day 40 and still nothing! It really is annoying me. I feel as though AF is coming, but i've been so sure she's coming for about 2 weeks now, and obviously nothing.

    My friend at work told us she's 8 weeks pg this week, so i'm managing to get any baby talk i want to do out of my system by asking he loads of questions. I am quite jealous, but she's not in an ideal situation, only 20 and her bf will be in afgan when baby is born. She's got a lot of people around her though to help.

    We've only started ttc our 1st this month, so not sure how i'll get on if we're trying for a long time... i'll be visiting the men in white coats! How about you?

    It was hubby's birthday yesterday and we're having a bbq for him tomorrow so hoping that will keep my mind off of this. I'm going to try and hold off testing again until tuesday. I've figured if i keep setting myself little goals like that its easier than saying not testing at all.

    Not really sure what i should do if af doesn't show at all. And according to FF i'm OV'ing again this weekend! Will have to keep up the BD'ing just in case ;\)

    FC Crossed for you!

  • This our 1st month too, but i fell preg in 1st month with Jaimi-Lee who is now 16 months, so i kinda have my hopes up that ive done it again in 1st month, but have no idea whats going on lol.

    Oh ive never tried ovalating sticks, might do next month if i have to.

    Yes i do that, i say if my period hasnt shown by a certain day then ill test again then, my goal was this morning, but bfn! altho there was the tiniest faintest line at first then it dissapeared, so im gona wait until sunday now lol

    Yes keep bd'ing lol xx
  • Hi I'm normally on a 26/27 months cycle but one month it was 36 days!!! very fustrating and when it finally came very painful. hope it arrives soon x
  • Ooh I hope everything sorts it out soon ladies. I finally got a visit from AF today.. Day 34 of what is normally a 28 day cycle. I am sort of relieved because after oodles of BFN was getting very stressed and upset about it. Feel very upbeat and positive about trying again this month. Much better to know one way or the other. Good luck. x
  • So frustrating that you're still in limbo. As its your first month off the pill maybe you just ovulated slightly later? Did you bd throughout the month?
  • I'm on cd28 today of my first month off the Pill. No sign of AF but I haven't tested yet. Thought I would wait til next weekend as my cycles before I went on the Pill (9 years ago) were around 35 days. Hubby doesn't want me to test unless there are "signs" that I might be preg. Not sure what he means, as some people don't get symptoms for the first few weeks anyway and I've been trying really hard not to symptom-spot!! :roll:

    Mrs G xx
  • im on cd 43 and nothing. No bfp or sign of af. I was 10 days late last month so was expecting to be a bit late this month but come on, this is taking the mick!! x
  • Its soo annoying isnt it girls.
    Yes Goonie, every 2nd day lol!

    So its not for the lack of trying hehe!
    Still no sign today, another day past!! grr xx
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