Anyone convince thereselves they actually have pg symptoms?

Does anybody else find themselves convincing yourself you have pg symptoms?
My husband has in the lsat week said he thinks my boobs are getting bigger !! As if i need to know that. Now i am telling myself its a symptom that i am pregnant !
This whole thing is a mare. Af not due til next Tuesday could my boobs actually be growing already?


  • they could be hun! you never know!!
    i too convince myself that whatever i have must be pg related, even though i reckon i had half the symptoms before ttc!!! every twinge i get i wonder if it is pg, conveniently forgetting i suffer from IBS and had lots of twinges before ttc!
    good luck - keep us updated xxx
  • I will !! We have practically done it everyday for about week and half now so im praying i havent missed it !! What do you think?
  • sounds like you have done everything you can, i hate the dreaded 2ww!! fingers crossed for a bfp next week - when are you going to test?xx
  • Well its our 1st Wedding Anniversary on Monday. Period Due Tuesday. I am going to wait til Tuesday as if i test early i think it will spoil our anniversary if we are both disapointed.
    We have both talked lots this month and have said we couldnt have physically done any more.
    Said we are going to buy a Clearblue Monitor if doesnt happen this month. My anniversary present !!!
  • ooooh it's our first wedding anniversary on monday as well!! how exciting!!!

    are you doing anything to celebrate? xxx
  • Well we are going to the Lakes over the weekend so that will also stop me from testing. Then Monday we are going out for a meal.
    How weird is that? What are you doing for yours? and... what on earth do you buy for wedding anniversarys? Im stuck
    How long have you been trying?
  • we are going away to the coast for the weekend too, then monday for a meal image
    we aren't buying anything for each other, other than a card. we're boring like that!!! i told him i want a baby and he can buy me a pg test later in the week if no AF.

    we've been trying since jan - i got bfp on month 3 (april) but then had mmc in may - had D&C at 11 weeks, baby had died at 6. we then waited one AF and this is our first proper cycle now - AF due on 18th.

    fingers crossed for us both next week!! xxx
  • Oh Sorry to hear that hun. Good Luck for next week then and im sure ill let you know what happens either way. I honestly never thought ttc would be such a task. All this date tracking etc and there are these people that just get Pregnant "by accident" not fair !!
  • i know what you mean ttc is a lot more technical than i ever imagined. lol.
  • I know! I have spent my whole life trying not get to get pregnant and now i want to be it all seems a little complicated! lol!
  • clarkie - I said that to my mum!! All these years she told me to be careful - what a joke!! lol xx

    You saw my posts over the weekend - I sooo thought I was - hence why I am refusing to symptom spot now!!
  • lmao i know what a joke! I'm not doing it either next month if im not pg then thats it no more symptom spotting, just gonna forget about it! AS IF!
  • We will try together if that's the case!! i hope you don't have to though xx
  • image Yes immense we can go though it together! Every time i see ur symptom spotting posts ill tell you off and u can tell me off if i do! I was feeling positive but as it gets nearer to af the more i think she'll arrive! xxx
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