Do you have a end to ttc???

OK as this is my 2nd OH and i have decided to stop ttc in sept :cry: and if i am not preg then i will go back on the pill and we will save for our wedding image

We will be stopping as my boy will be 4 by then and by the time a baby would of been born he will be almost 5 and we have said that i do not wish to start all over again or have a big age gap. I feel ok about it but i really want another child so going to have to get preg before sept..... Givin us 9 Try's to get pregg's image image image

I AM going to have more than 1 child and i will get preg before sept (i really hope)

Do any of you ladys have a cut off date in mind?????
Would you stop ttc ???? If it was just me i would ttc for ever ;\)


  • We have a cut off date of Jan/Feb 2010, only because we are getting married in Dec 2010....
    Some of you may say that is mad, but we would both love to have our own LO at the wedding, but I dont actually want to be pregnant at the wedding. image

    If we have not been successful by Jan/Feb, then we will stop until Dec 2010.


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  • ok loody be ate my reply once again but i did say i would only stop ttc for good if all other avenues had been exhausted and i could possibly have any more

    i would quite happly just have Lennon,i can just borrow my nephews if i need some more :lol:

    i had my son at my wedding and i loved him being there

    good luck chick xx
  • not a chnace, we're trying for our 1st and i had a mmc in August, so if nothing by August next year i'll be visiting the docs! lol, only on cycle 3 attempt after mmc though so REALLY hoping there won't be any need!!!! Have u spoken to ur GP hun?? xx
  • we will be stopping when our daughter turns 4 she will be 3 in a couple of months so we are giving ourselves 14 months.
    Once our daughter goes to school at 4 and a half I will be going out to work and once I am back at work thats me lol

  • We will maybe stop after July 2010 as we have our wedding booked for May 2012 and I would need to fit back into my dress before that! Though I say maybe because after my mc the wedding seems so much less important, I would have no problem postponing the wedding now if it meant getting my little bundle x
  • Nope - nothing in mind.....We're just gonna keep trying! image

    This is my first though so perhaps would feel different if we already had a lo

  • We won't be giving up, I've got a 10 year old and want at least another 2!! I will say one thing, I decided when i had my son that I didn't want any more children, I honestly was so in love with him that i couldn't imagine being able to give another child as much love. This has to be my biggest regret, my son is an only child and he's lonely. So from my experience I wouldn't recommend leaving your LO as an only child, it's quite heartbreaking!! I really hope you get your BFP very very soon xx
  • I waited until after my wedding to TTC (AUG 07).
    If I could go back now and change that I would... I understand why as I ws getting married abroad and wanted to get in to dress and of course money..
    I also understand your reasons but after this long I do wonder what would have happened if I had started earlier and not waited...
    Too many regrets really ..
    But I had a fantastic wedding !!

  • we will keep going till we have been trying a year then i will visit doc. if verything is ok and we both found to have no problems then we have said we will stop trying but not use contraception either.
  • I have a vague plan of action. We started trying in the summer, but had a mmc at the end of September, and am about to start ttc again. My case is a bit different cos I had a partial molar pg, and officially am not meant to start ttc until May 2010 (long boring medical reason to do with hCG levels), but sod that, we're starting next week!! Anyway, I have decided that if by September next year I am not pregnant (I will be 33 and a half - eek) I think I would seriously consider adopting, and would probably give up ttc if the adopting thing looked a goer. For me the need to be a mum is more important than the need to be pregnant before being a mum, if you see what I mean????
  • No I don't have a cut off date, I'm TTC number 2 and I actually want 4 children - god I must be mad!
  • We decided the end of september to try until Christmas and then i would go back on the pill as we are getting married 10-10-10, i had my first period off the pill beginning of november and got my BFP yesterday, perfect timing!! Now hopefully i will still be able to get into my dress as there is only 7 or 8 weeks between giving birth and getting married so no time to get another, although i havent discussed it yet, there is always the possibilty of postponing the wedding....image
  • we would love siblings for out little girl and maybe if can afford it adopt some more. All this is in God's hands of-course can only do our bit and hope for bfpimage

    Congrats eliviajen on your bfp, what a lovely x-mas pressie!
  • This is a interesting question....

    I wonder myself when we will give up.

    On one hand, Im desperete for a baby and cant imagine myself without children

    On the another hand, i wonder if im strong enough that if it doesnt happen naturally, will i be able to through other processes to have a child.

    I do find it very hard that it hasnt happened yet and a day doesnt go past where i dont dream of having my baby. I really dont know how long it would take to admit defeat, im only 25 so its not like there isnt years ahead of me. I really admire some of the ladies on here like gembags, LDOM,Grudie and orangepants(just some names that stick out to me, i k now theres many other ladies who do the same) who manage to keep not only their pma going but also manage to give support to countless people on here.

    I hope that if it doesnt happen soon, i will be as strong as you ladies and never give up on my dream bfp :\)
  • Hi hun, weve said we will try for 6 months and then if no BFP, we will stop take a break, probably book a hol, have a nice hol and re-start as I dont want to be constantly trying for a baby for 12 months non-stop and I think if it does take a long time we will want to try and get on with a normal life as much as possible.

    That said because we are trying now and its only MONTH 1 we have no plans for 2010 as I dont want to book a holiday for the future and then have to cancel it.

    I think we would try indefinately in the end to be able to have the chance to become a parent as trying for baby No 1 and we want at the most 2.

  • great question and an interesting thread to read

    I am in two minds really. On one hand I want a baby so much that I think it would kill me to stop TTC but I also applied to Oxford to study for a DPhil so if I get in then we might have to stop for about half a year just so I finished my taught courses

  • I'm not quite sure to be honest. I'm just waiting for my AF after my mc at 6 weeks, and although it's my first, I'm nt sure I could go through the heartache of more mc or BFN, if it got to that point I think I would adopt.

    I've just booked a few days in New York as it's somthing DH and I have always wanted to do, and thiw will (hopefully) be our last chance to do it with lo's

    Good kuck everyone

  • I would ttc forever :lol: but i have my boy and although it will be hard i think if it turns out just him i am lucky to have been able to be a mum image
    In seot i would of been ttc for 25 months image and if it was going to happen it would of done. I also dont think i could take BFN or seeing a BFP only for AF to show a week later ever again.
    Although i may need BE rehab :lol: :lol:
    gems x
  • I think this might be my last month TTC. I've already got 3 and although I desperately want another I think if it doesn't happen this month (and there'snot much chance of that with me approaching ovulation and my husband about to go onto nightshift!) it's time to move on and enjoy what I have.
  • I found this really interseting. I haven't even thought about an end to trying. Im not doing the whole charting ov sticks etc thing just going with it so trying is no big stress at the min just fun image
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