AF came today!

Hiya, well after a 32 day cycle AF is finally here! So back on CD1 for me - need some advice though please....

I'm at uni and i am due to go on placement in september for 10 weeks, I am wondering whether to continue ttc or whether I should miss the next couple of months and start again in June/July in the hope for a spring / summer baby? but then I am on placement next year aswell from september and its like if I dont get a sticky bean in 'planned' time then would I put it on hold again till the following summer?

Sorry if im not making any sense, but I see some women on here trying for such a long time to get there BFP that it makes me realise that each month is precious, so do I want to potentially miss my chance by trying to time my BFP around uni, which then wouldnt be guaranteed anyway, or should I just think what ever will be will be, and we can work round anything?

Thanks in advance xxxx


  • I'm so sorry to hear she found you hun! There seems to be about 4 or 5 of us who's AF finally showed up today. Mine did too, 2 days late! image
    We aren't going to try next month or the month after either. It's going to be hard waiting but having had two winter babies and one summer baby, we both prefured having a baby in the summer. We aren't going to prevent as such, but I'm not going to get het up about this anymore. Come July/August if nothing has happened then we will start trying properly again. Best of luck with what you decide hun. I know it's not easy either way x x x
  • So sorry she got you hon.
    Ref the uni thing most unis and placements are very flexible when it comes to babies & placements. You could always make some discrete enquiries at the uni or see if there is anyone else pregnant on your course and chat to them about it.

    If it were me...I think I'd just go for it with the TTC and fit uni in around it. If you fell pregnant now and had the baby you would have to fit uni in around the baby anyway so you might as well go for it!

    Good luck whatever your decision hon xxx
  • Sorry she got you - that wicked witch! ;\)

    I don't know much about uni placements so won't comment but I hope you can figure out what is best soon...

  • Sorry to hear the witch got you hun, good luck for whatever you decide to do hun xx
  • Sorry to hear the witch got you hun, good luck for whatever you decide to do hun xx
  • sorry to hear she got hun image

    praying for a christmas bean for you!!!
  • I think im going to carry on regardless and what will be, will be! I think anyone is lucky to be pregnant and be a mother so why mess about trying to 'time' it right! it will be so wonderful that nothing else will matter and if I have to defer the whole year then thats exactly what I will do image bring on the christmas pudding!! pleeeeaaaassseeee xxxxx
  • You go girl! There's never a "right" time and it's (almost) impossible to plan, from what I can see from everyone's posts on BE, so just do your thing and get that bean, whenever it may come!

    Good luck xx
  • image good PMA kate, i will look forward to seeing your BFP when you get it!

  • Hey Hun, i think u should continue ttc, as u will regret it if u dont get ur bfp when planned in the summer, also if ur more relaxed about it time wise u are more likely to get bfp i think xxx
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