I will try a d explain this so it makes sense! I had my usual AF (4 days) starting 9/3 - so this was CD1. Then on 20/3 (CD12) I started to bleed and bled for about 2 days. I have had nothing since. So ... I'm either on Cd30, or if i take that 2 day bleed as the beginning of a new cycle (which would mean I had had a 11 day cycle) then I'm on CD19. I just don't know what is going on! Any ideas welcome . Sorry for rambling on x


  • hey betty ...
    Was it spotting or bleeding ? I know some girls may spot when they ovulate. If thats the case it will make you on DPO 17 and you need to take a pregnancy test.

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  • Thanks, not really sure if spotting or not, it was light for two days with no AF symptoms. Wanted to test this morning but couldn't face BFN if I'm honest, although this not knowing is just as bad! X
  • Hey Betty,
    I would do a pg test if I was you.xxxx

    Good luck.x
  • Should I do one at lunch or wait til tomorrow fir FMU? X
  • your normal cycle is how long? r u late?
    If u r at DPO 17 then you can test any time.
    FMU is best when testing early.
  • Thanks Riham, normal cycle 27/28 days so I guess I'm off to superdrug at lunchtime to give them yet more of my cash! X
  • Oh how exciting! Keep us updated. Keeping everything crossed for u. xxx
  • fingers crossed hun xx
  • BFN! So I'm either waiting for the witch or I'm on CD19 afterall and on the dreaded 2ww! x
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