CM - seriously need some advice!?

Hello ladies, I'm after a bit of reassurance really. I normally get quite a bit of wet CM in the run up to OV, but this month I had hardly any. Normally it starts a few days after AF, even though I OV quite late. I'm on CD17 and usually OV between CD19 and 22. Should I worry? :\?


  • Have you tried having a feel to see if it's just up there but not come down?
    I was totally dry when I was ovulating, no cm in my pants or anything!
    I've just got my bfp (first time I've said that out loud) so it goes to show you that it is there doing it's job even if we can't feel it xxx
  • Huge congrats Mrs Waggy - here's to a very happy and healthy 9 months! I hope it is up there doing it's job! I have been using preseed to get things going, so maybe I'll just squirt a load up there.. I haven't tried investigating up there - the nurse has a job finding my cervix for a smear so I doubt I will find it! Oh, the things we do.. x
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