What are my chances?

ok i think i no the answer to this but i thought i'd see what you ladies thought.

Ok , so in this senario how likely is it that you'd get a bfp

CD1-12 =AF
CD14 = Weird pains in left side (possible ov pains)
CD17 = BD in the evening
CD18 = very brief bleeding, was there when i went to the loo and that was it.

currently on cd 20 had no more pains, no more bleeding. Got a headache and can't stop crying but i don't think thats anything related to this, just a bit run down. I'm pretty sure only bding once we've missed our chance, but does this sound like there was ov? i don't temp or use opk's so hard to be sure but thought i'd get some expert opinions.


  • and now i'm spotting, just pink when i wipe. i'm so confused
  • Hi hun

    When did you come off the pill? when's your next af due?

  • never been on the pill, had the implanion removed in june08, and cycles are just becoming regular again, if this cycle is the same as last month it'll be around 14th feb. But each cycle is usually 10 days less each time, which give or take a day would make ov around nowish. Can you tell i'm confused image
  • Hi hun, I am confused too hun!!

    If you think you are ov then just get BDing like mad and then try to BD every 2-3 days thats what we done this month and I have been having all sorts of symptoms so if you do that your in with the best chance.

    Charting and temping is not for me but I think you have to find your own comfort zone.

    Good luck hun xx
  • my sleeps to eratic for temping and opks don't work for me. Bought a cbfm which i'll use next cycle, just sods law its this month, different stuff happens. thanks for your help though. x
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