wishful thinking signs

Thought it would be a laugh to share our 'wishful thinking signs' that we will get our bfps this month- 1. i was in my car today, following a car with the reg BFP! , then turned a corner to follow a car with the reg FR! both obv mean i need to test with a FR and get my bfp this month 2. my best friend's stars said i would be, with my lack of real symptoms/signs im gonna keep hold of these :lol:.
Anyone else got 'wishful thinking signs'???


  • My friends mum went to see a fortune teller and she told her that someone she knows is pregnant but doesn't know it yet! Do hope its me!!!!
  • ooh thats fab, fingers crossed x
  • if i was you i'd be driving her car for luck
  • Lol I've not had any signs, I'm useless at spotting things like that though one my best friends is getting married back in Ireland at end of Dec and I've tickets to see my fav band also in Dec so I'm convinced will have to to either attend with a 8 month bump or skip. Be worth it though of course
  • I was behind a car with a plate starting 'AF' the other day! Not looking so good for me, lol - but it's funny how you notice these things isn't it!

    Hope your BFP / FR is a very good sign! xxx
  • Well in my fantasy world my AF being over a week late is very much wishful thinking lol,as 3 tests later still bfn boo hoo
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