I know i shouldnt be as only first month but AF just arrived 4 days early Why??? Feel really mad at myself for some reason. xxx


  • Oh babe, you had such good symptoms too!?
    Is this ur first af since birth control?
  • sorry to hear love, i am the same as you first month of pill, and had all the symptoms too, but AF not come yet, but it wont be far away, as i have two very very faint lines and now nothing :\?.
    I am due AF tomorrow.
    Good luck to us both for next month.

  • no second proper one had a bleed 2 days after having it out real heavy then 2 wks later had another one heavy again then this so cud be my 3rd af i supose all last about 4/5days x
  • They say it takes a while to get out of your system. Imagine, the pill forces you body to think it's pregnant and most of us have been on the pill for 5 or so years... I know that doesn't make it hurt any less babe but have a good old cry, eating chocolate, drink wine, be mean to the other half ( haha or is that just me... Just a little bit) and then think this month will be your month and get bding... Because unfortantly that's all we can do. I know the first few months can be as upsetting as the 12th moth of trying and I really hope you get your bfp next month xxx

    hope you feel better soon xxx
  • Sorry to hear that Bella xx sending (((hugs to you)))
  • Sorry that AF has got you, Bella. Try not to get too downhearted. Fingers crossed for next month.
  • awww sorry she got you hun! xxxxx
  • If she is four days early , couldn't it be an implantation bleed???!!!!!
  • Hi all thanks for the messages dont think its implantation bleedin as comin on strong this agternoon and got aches and pains xxx
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