FAO *cuddles*

Good morning hun,

How are you today? Have you had anymore symptoms?
According to my iperiod app, I am now on cd23 so therefore on the 2nd day of the 2ww as af due the 10th May.
What a bugger! Seems so long until the next ov but hopefully will give the oh time to sort himself out!


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  • Hello - sorry first chance to log in today! I'm OK no symptoms so just waiting now! AF due on 5th May so another week to go!
    Leave OH alone for a few weeks, then hopefully he'll be 'bursting' LOL. You never know though....these things can happen when you least expect them!
  • Yeah that's what I'm thinking! Lol.. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, not long to wait. Will you be testing earlier than AF or wait to see if she's late? I bought a load of cheapy eBay ones to satisfy my need to poas! Lol. xx
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