Neg HPT but pregnant?

Can this happen? even if your about 6 weeks? or am i clutching at straws?


  • Hi Nilo
    Yes it's possible, but it's also very rare.

    Basically some women can have such low levels of HCG that they take a while to have get a BFP.

    So never say never - if you don't get AF or a BFN in 2 weeks (ie 4 weeks late) - I'd go speak to your doctor.
    Good luck hun
  • i knew it was a long shot, its just i've started getting waves of nausea and just thought what if?
    If i was it would be from last cycle not this one so would already be 6 weeks gone,
  • i would say it can happen my pg test never came up till i was 6 weeks PG with both my girls if your not sure go doctors and talk it though and they will help you out

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