What is going on?!?!?!

i am now on day 43, on day 26 i had pink/brown blood in discharge for just 2 days on one occasion each day.
i have no idea when i ov'd, or if i even have. i normally have 35 days cycle.

i am a week late today. for two weeks i have had period like cramps and dull pain in lower back.

i have also had a 2 hour nap EVERY DAY and cant get past lunchtime without this.

i have done around 35 tests, all of which are neg, the last one was tonight.

what is wrong with me?? why would i have cramp for this long?

plus....even if that small bleed i had was a mega early period, then fair enough its too early to test, but still why would i have cramp for so long? if the small bleed was a real period then i am on day 18 of the cycle...meaning i had cramp starting 3 days AFTER my period!!

so seriously, can anyone shed some light on this situation!!?

the cramp is just like period, although id say milder, in my lower stomach, lower back and down my hips.

i am so upset that i keep doing these tests and still nothing, even though i have these feelings like i am going to get af for about 2 weeks! so i just wosh af woudl just come!!

do u think i have good cause to get a blood test done or will they just laugh at me since its only first month.

i know some people prob thing im crazy getting worried when it is only our first month of ttc...but i am now worried somethign is actually wrong with me, that i have cramp but no period.

i am sorry for such a long post but i am so frustrated and upset...i just wish af would come so i could strt afresh if that makes sense!



  • Hi Hun, were you on contraception before hand i.e. implant or pill, could that have messed your cycles up at all? not really sure of any other suggestions but hope you feel better soon xxxxxx
  • hi broodylate, thanks, no i wasnt up until starting ttc we used condoms, i havent ever been on pill.

    i also forgot to add my nipples are so sore, i was holding my two yr old and if he even slightly brushes past them it is really sore, i know this might be just a period symptom but its also been for 2 weeks
  • Ah well you know your body better than anyone hun, so if you are concerned I would def make a GP appointment - knowing my luck I would make it and then my AF would come anyway! xx
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