Too scared to test????.....update!

Hi all,

I havent been on here for ages due to being a bit disheartened to be honest.

Came off the pill nearly a year ago. Been ttc since.

My last AF was 30Jan. My last few cycles have been 29,32,31,30, currently on CD33 this time.
This may sound stupid but im petrified of testing and it being BFN!

Dont know how everyone else feels but i would rather see AF then another BFN???
I dont feel pregnant, but this is my first so how would i know!!

Dont know what to do.


Thanks for the good must have worked! I tested yesterday when i got home from work and the line appeared straight away! BFP!!!! yey. Did another this morning and it was darker.
Just cant say how happy we are!! After nearly a year i was starting to lose hope.
Thanks and good luck to everyone!

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