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tested again at 4am this morning

... and result was an even darker line on my ebay pregnancy tests!!!!!! I cannot believe it. The line is significantly darker than the one on friday and appeared within 1 minute of testing, even DH could see it without his glasses as I woke him up at 4am this morning to show him.

I am so nervous now as this is our first child and first month trying to conceive since coming off the pill end of November, I never expected it to happen so fast!! We went out and bought a clear blue digital test this morning but as they are so expensive and my period is actually due tomorrow or wednesday think I'll wait a few more days to be absolutely sure.

I've not really had any other symptoms as such other than cramping on and off since boxing day and my boobs seem massive as well as my nipples, DH says it's all the rubbing he has given them!! Have felt slightly nauseous after evning meals but nothing too bad.

Just worried about going out for New Year tonight as we are going to a big do with our fiends and my parents and they will be trying to fill my glass up all night and as I would only be 2 weeks pregnant I don't want to tell anyone yet.

Again will let you know when I have done my clear blue test, i can't really accept it's true until then, I know after 3 positive tests I should.

Lots of really sticky babydust to all of you for 2008!!!!!!!!


  • I understood, of course being pregnant is far from the problem!!
    I live in a really small village and they are all really obsessed with us having a baby since we got married in June, just about evertime I see them they ask if I'm expecting!!! So tonight will be difficult, plus I know that there will only be wine on offer so can't do the coke thing, plus it is in walking distance. DH says he'll drink my drinks on the sly for me,so fingers crossed!!
  • Congratulations!!!!
  • Congratulations!!!!
  • Thanks hollyparry, I'm not counting my chickens just yet but it does look positive!!!

    Have sowed the seed with a migraine for this evening, "had to take a migraine tablet this morning, so probably won't be drinking" seems to have worked ion my parents!!!

    Good luck to you all POAS before tonight!
  • Congratulations hun, i'd say three positive tests means your pregnant :lol:

    SB is right can you not say you are antibiotics,no one can really question that.

    Good luck tonight and with the Clearblue i can't imagine anything more exciting than seeing PREGNANT written on a clearblue (bit sad i know)

    I've got one in my drawer ready for the day i finally get a positive.

    Congrats again hun
  • Congratulations, first month ttc too!
    By the way you are prob 4 weeks pg as you go from date of last menses not ovulation. Could also use the i'm having allergy tests for and not allowed to drink til after the test in ....... Good luck. Filo x
  • Congratulations trinity.
    I got my BFP last week and am worried about tonight aswell, we are going to my Mum's and she will know something's up if I refuse to drink all night. I've bought a screw top bottle of non-alcoholic wine and am going to pour it into an empty wine bottle and take that with me. Devious but hopefully effective!
    Leanne xxxx
  • congrats trinity!!!

    I hope my bfp comes that quick!!! you should totally have fun with being sneaky!!! good luck xxxx
  • CONGRATS TRINITY! What a fab start to 2008! Have a happy, healthy pregnancy chick! x
  • Well done and have a fab night celebrating your little secret!!
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