can anyone help?

i am on CD8 and i have just wiped and there is a slight bit of clear discharge it is quite stringy! does this mean anything?


  • It means u r approaching ovulation image
    I got it this cycle 5 days prior ovulation.

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  • That's a very good sign! It could possibly be EWCM which is the discharge consistency that you will get right before ovulation which will help sperm climb towards the cervix and protect it from the acidity of the vagina. You can generally get up to week of this in your twenties and sometimes it lessens when you are an oldie like me! If I were you I would be putting your BD pan into action.

    Do you use OPKs or temp? How long is your cycle? All these things are important in pinpointing ovulation!
  • i have a persona so i am using that! along side cheapy OPK's :S my cycle is 28 days! xxx
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