Fertility Charting

Hi girls...

I have seen some girls on here using fertility charting and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what were the best ones.

I have already spent money on a CB OPK so didnt want to spend anymore money just yet.

Any help would be fab, thanks xx


  • Hi Curls.
    I use www.fertilityfriend.com to chart my temps and I use cheap OPKs from Ebay but always have a stash of CB OPKs just to double check when I get a positive on the Ebay cheapies!
    You can use the basic version of Fertility Friend for free, however, I upgraded for VIP membership for ??25 a year, which gives you access to far more information. Personally, I have found Fertility Friend to be invaluable in monitoring my cycles and timing intercourse at the right time! I'm in my 2WW now, 5 DPO so I've got my fingers crossed!
    Good luck to you too x
  • Thanks donnat2004

    I did find this one but just wanted to double check. Did you go through 20 days course?

    Good luck with you 2WW...image xx
  • No, I kind of self-taught myself on FF and it's REALLY simple to use. Hope u get on ok with it if you decide to use it xxx
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